Ron Unruh Gallery

I have a passion to paint & will gladly confer with you about any painting you see or one you would like me to paint specially for you.

Fine Art Commissions - Your Own Custom Painting

  • Commissioned paintings will be considered and a painting can be rendered from adequate reference photos and/or on site sketches.
  • Production time is dependent on the artist's present commitments but customarily 3-4 months realizes a completed and delivered painting.
  • Costs are negotiated based on size of painting and the complexity of the subject and are generally twice the price of my other paintings. When a commission requires my research and travel the price is adjusted accordingly. Payment is expected in two steps, half of the total price up front, and full payment when the painting is completed and ready for delivery. Please view the Prices page to read about acceptable payment methods.
  • Process will involve agreement about the enterprise, an artistic draft of the proposed painting to be shown to the customer for approval, and then the completion of the work. I want you to be happy with the progress and final product.
  • To Contact Me, Please leave your contact information on the Contact Page, or call me at 604-530-0532 or email me at I will be glad to speak with you to quote for your personal or corporate custom fine art painting in acrylic, oil or watercolour.