I have a passion to paint & will gladly confer with you about any painting you see or one you would like me to paint specially for you.

Copyright and Permission

  • Copyright – All images and text are protected by copyright law and may not be used for commercial reproduction or mass distribution unless by permission of the artist.
  • Copyright is automatic. Upon completion of a work of art, the artist has immediate copyright protection. Simply stated, "copyright" means "the right to copy." With few exceptions the artist holds copyright to all his/her works. Only the artist or someone to whom permission is granted by the artist is allowed to produce or reproduce the work in question. Unauthorized uses of copyright images are discouraged since it is against Canadian copyright law.
Having stated that, I am pleased to assist you.
  • If you desire to use an image for a NON PROFIT purpose, you simply need to ask. Ask for permission and state purpose of the image use: Ron Unruh, #28 19478 65 Ave., Surrey, British Columbia, V4N 5X5 or to
  • If you desire to copy one of Ron Unruh's images for any FOR PROFIT purpose, a magazine, advertisement, promotional piece or reproduction, apply for permission to Ron Unruh, #28 19478 65 Ave., Surrey, British Columbia, V4N 5X5 or to and include contact information for the person making the request, the title(s) of the image(s) being requested, the name or type of publication or purpose of the use of the image, and the date of the deadline.
  • Negotiation can determine a suitable compensation or none at all.
  • Allow two days for email permission to be granted and two weeks for postal response. Permissions are one-time, no exclusive uses.